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Principles of Achieving a Sustainable Design with Social Architecture

What does sustainable design constitute? What is its importance on the environment? More importantly what is sustainability? To minimize your confusion let's focus on sustainability first. It works on the fact of meeting the present needs without compromising the ability of the future generation to avail their needs. In consideration of this fact many of us focus on building structural designs that are sustainable and Eco-friendly.

The sustainable designs in architecture majorly consider life quality, the health of the building, human health, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, to induce this sustainability in the workplace or the building, it is essential to follow certain principles, so as to achieve a perfect sustainable design. We consider these principles and acknowledge their importance to accrue optimized and improved ways to safeguard our resources.

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Below are the principles following which one can attain a sustainable design for their workplaces:

  • Optimize the use of Energy: it is essential to design a building so that we can increase energy independence. Thus, it is better to focus on improving the energy performance of the building whenever one considers designing. We believe in sustainable designing of the building and hence work on providing net zero energy operating buildings.
  • Optimizing the site potential: if you are planning to design a new building or are retrofitting an existing one, it is essential to integrate sustainable design with your site plan. Like the location, orientation and landscaping all affect the ecosystem, transport methods, and energy use. We at Social architecture try inducing sustainable design while designing the buildings.
  • Optimizing the building space and material used: we try building a sustainable building that is able to use and reuse the materials in the most appropriate and effective manner. Thus, utilizing natural resources in a sustainable and productive way.
  • Improving the indoor environmental quality: the indoor quality of a building has a notable impact on the health, comfort, and productivity of the people living or working there. The major sustainable designs that we pivot upon is lightning, proper ventilation, and moisture control. Especially avoiding the materials with high VOC emissions.
  • Optimizing the operational practices: We specify the use of materials that help in reducing the maintenance requirements, like requiring less water, energy and toxic chemicals and are even cost-effective in nature.

Are you planning to induce sustainable designs at your workplace? Feel free to contact us. We will surely help you improve sustainability at your workplace and create an Eco-friendly environment.

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